Formula.ts is a TypeScript implementation of most Microsoft Excel functions, inspired by formula.js.

Since I left STOIC in 2014, I have had the intention to contribute to formula.js, I implemented the statistical and financial functions during the last month of my internship there. Though I returned back to the team as a FTE in 2015, it was sad that it wasn’t a good timing for them.

Anyways, now that I have got some spare time, I’m thinking of migrating the whole project to TypeScript. After few-days’ researching, I find that TypeScript is much more suitable for developing statistical projects, its strong typing definition and native OOP support will help to improve the calculation stability and code robustness.

This is my first project written in TypeScript, in the first strike I can’t promise that it will have a better performance nor a better code structure than formula.js. Roma wasn’t built in a day, but I will do my best.

Almost forget the most important thing, considering that I’m working at Microsoft, all implementations in this project have nothing to do with Microsoft Excel, I don’t have any access to the development resource of MS Excel.

Last but not the least, formula.ts is under MIT License.