Since I’ve migrated my old blog to Hexo platform, there’s an issue about the URL rule that I can not find a proper way to get it done. There are many articles indexed by Goodle but with old URLs, it is really painful when you see your blog visitors drop to bottom all of sudden. For this reason I created the 404 page, after the timer it will redirected to archives page.

I bet you definately know where the idea comes from, assuming that you used to be a windows user. Actually the blue screen of death in Windows 10 is way better than those in Windows 7 or even before. As you can see, the color is less abrunpt and the error information is less technical, especially with that big :(, making it kind of funny (I said this, not because I’m SDE at MS).

By the way, adding a 404 page is quite easy, put 404.html or in your /source directory, et voilà. Hope you like it.