Vim is awesome, more than just cool.

The only thing that I must have is amix/vimrc.

git clone ~/.vim_runtime
sh ~/.vim_runtime/

By the way, for ubuntu don’t forget to change the default editor from Nano to Vim:

sudo update-alternatives –config editor


Atom is awesome.

Here’s the list of packages that I marked them as “must-have”:

  • One Dark theme
  • highlight selected
  • minimap


First of all I need to clarify, I like Atom, I’m using Atom for both front-end and back-end development. It’s lightweight and super easy to customize. However it’s kind of painful if you want to trace a bug, from this point of view WebStorm does it better. I took this note for customizing WebStorm, including changing the editor theme and editing keymap.


Honestly darcula theme is not my dish, it’s hard to distingush files in the left panel, it uses high contrast colors that makes me tired when I spend a long time looking at the code. I still like the One Dark theme originated from Atom. Here’s a third-party theme: idea-one-dark-theme. You can find more details about how to install the plugin from its doc.


I’ve been used to command + p to navigate to a certain file, it’s easy and fast. By the way, In Visual Studio you can use Ctrl + ; by defaut. In WebStorm you have to type command + shift + o, two keys are fine, three is too many. To change the shortcut, open preference with command + ,, click keymap, search navigate you will find three options like “navigate class, files and symbol”. By defaut, command + p is taken by some other functionalities related to display parameters and show/hide path text. You need to remove them to avoid key conflicts.