Bootstrp under different environments

It sounds facinating, Angular2 enables platform-specific bootstrapping.

There isn’t a single way to bootstrap the app. […] It is possible to load a component in a different environment. We might load it on a mobile device with Apache Cordova or NativeScript. We might wish to render the first page of our application on the server to improve launch performance or facilitate SEO.

Wow, this is a huge move, Angular2 starts to support server side rendering!


I’d highly suggest to check this link below before using SystemJS, really neat documentation.

SystemJS Docs

As clarified by the Angular2 team, The well-known webpack is also a good choice.

The QuickStart uses SystemJS to load application and library modules. There are alternatives that work just fine including the well-regarded webpack. SystemJS happens to be a good choice but we want to be clear that it was a choice and not a preference.


Nice documentation for tsconfig.json, it gives a clear explaination about the pros-n-cons of noImplicitAny flag, it merits discussion for larger projects.


RxJS seems to be cool, I took a quick look at the samples provided in README, it’s likely that RxJS makes everything as event-based. Interesting, I will check this later.