This is definately worth a post.

I still remembered that in 2014, I got an in-site mail from a LinkedIn HR for a Software Engineer position. The first two rounds went quite well but the third one, I was stuck in a binary tree problem and finally I didn’t make it.

I used to hang out with Salman at LinkedIn, because Adam Crabtree, the BayNode meetup founder & organizer, generally offered free food with Node fans. It was really a nice memory to ride a bike in 2051 Stierlin Ct by dawn, surrounded by Google buildings.

When I was in bay area, people kept asking me, which tech giant is my dream company. I would tell them, it was LinkedIn, then for the reason number one, two, three, blablabla. Honestly, my reason was quite simple, the LinkedIn HR was the most beautiful HR I had ever seen, I wanted to come back to that company just for seeing her again. Quite naïve, right?

Anyways, still have tons of work to do.